Avenue Portfolio

Back in the day, city homes were the ultimate combination of beauty and practicality. They had both street smarts — making the most of every square foot — and sophisticated style. Avenue Portfolio is our reinterpretation of the city home. The porches are big. The natural light is abundant. The architecture is elegantly urban. And yet there’s one thing about these homes that isn’t like the typical city home. They’re attainable.

Big Sky Portfolio

This is the time (and obviously the place) for a true Colorado home.  A home that sweeps you off your feet with a big front porch and lots of Western romance.  Built on a hill facing the mountains.  Founded on river rock.  With huge windows that welcome in sunlight and maybe a view of Pike's Peak.  And where every space - including the master shower - is designed to bring an invigorating flow to modern life.  Welcome home, Colorado.

  • From the mid $400s
    1.954 - 2,509 sq. ft.

Cadence Townhomes Portfolio

Hello, tall drink of water on a warm afternoon. Cadence Townhomes are a celebration of vertical elegance, rising up from garage (with handy mud room) to upper floors, each boasting its own strong sense of identity. One flight up, and you have friends and family time, as the conversation flows seamlessly between kitchen, dining and living spaces. And just a few steps more and you’re kicking back in your spacious master retreat.  Oh, and the other big thing these townhomes celebrate? Easy, refreshing low-maintenance living.

  • From the mid $300s

Duet Portfolio

There are country people and town people. Both enjoy having their own space — in the form of a nice, private backyard, for example. But the difference is that town people love the energy that comes with living in a community. Sharing. Being part of something. Not just owning a beautiful home, but being able to step out the front door and look down a whole street of interesting homes. Well, here’s to the town people. 


Freestyle Portfolio

Instead of asking whether the garage should be accessed from the front or the back, these homes ask, “What if a garage could be accessed from the front and the back.” The result is a long list of wonderful new answers. Answers for how to bring more natural light into a home. For how to have more storage and more style. Answers for growing families. Even extended families. In short, answers for how to have a great life.

Harvest Portfolio

A few centuries ago, windows were small because we didn’t know how to keep the wind from blowing through them. (Maybe that’s how they got their name: wind oh!) With our Harvest Portfolio, we’re using the modern miracle of glass to its fullest potential. Glass doors that spill out onto covered patios. Windows that turn the kitchen into a sunroom and the sunroom into a … sunnier room. Welcome to your bright, beautiful twenty-first-century home.

Ovation Portfolio

They say that with age comes wisdom. What they don’t say, but should, is that with age also comes style. So naturally the homes of our Ovation Portfolio come with both. These are homes for grown-ups. With intelligent features, such as zero-entry showers, that make life easier. With optional extended patios that make life more outdoorsy. And with a fresh interpretation of classic architecture that shows just how stylish you’ve become.

Signature Portfolio

By engaging three acclaimed architects to create a single home collection, we raised the bar for new homes in Colorado. The homes of Signature Portfolio are filled with light and purpose. And they embody the idea that design is more than how your home looks, but how it works. How it connects you with the outdoors. And how it conforms to your personal style.

  • From the low $500s
    1786 - 2159 sq. ft.
  • From the low $500s
    1,786 -2,159 sq.ft.

Tealight Portfolio

How often do we hear the phrase, “charming old home”? Classic homes have a gemlike quality — every facet so carefully polished. We’ve given our Tealight Portfolio the same investment of love and craft. Of art and ingenuity. These homes combine time-honored character with a bright, clean, modern sensibility. And they’re designed to live efficiently, leaving you more hours in your day. What could be more charming than that?

  • From the low $400s
    1,298 - 1,526

Villa Portfolio

It’s good to share. It’s also good to have something all to yourself. The homes of Villa Portfolio let you do both at the same time. With a marvelous main-floor suite of your very own. Wide-open living areas. A front porch and patio. And with a sense of privacy and an abundance of natural light that make you forget you share a wall with your neighbor. That’s what you call good sharing.