The Story Behind the Art Pieces at Midtown

First-time visitors to the Midtown at Clear Creek in Denver often remark upon the art elements that dot the community. We agree, they are pretty cool. They include an artistic and distinctive over-sized “M” and what we describe as “butterfly tables” at the Home Plate Park.

In the Garden Shed and Retail Center (home of Bruz Beers and Backstage Coffee), we have the Boulder Series (trash can, chair and bench), the Sine Bench, Aero Bench, Flip Bench, Flip Bike Rack and Walnut Bench.

Most remarkably, all these decorative/functional items were designed by classes within the Kansas State University Interior Architecture and Product Design School. Brookfield sponsored these efforts in recent years, with the idea that students would be especially motivated to work on projects that they knew had a good chance of becoming reality, in a community where residents would appreciate them.

According to John Norris, a Kansas State graduate of the Landscape Architecture program and consultant to Brookfield at Midtown, the Brookfield-sponsored program was a huge success. He said, “The site furnishings that were developed are one-of-a-kind pieces that will withstand the test of time.  They helped to set Midtown apart from many of its competitors in the market by adding creativity, color, and charm.