Run Barefoot, bring your shoes

Let’s end the confusion right away: Yes, we encourage you to participate in the Sept. 16 Inagural 5K Run Barefoot, but we don’t want anybody trying to complete the 3.1-mile course without shoes. Capisce?

The wordplay springs from the connection between this inaugural event and its location at the Brookfield Residential community in Firestone, Colo., called Barefoot Lakes. The race begins at 10 a.m., and runners will receive a T-shirt, flip flops, food, refreshments, and of course free views of beautiful lakeside trails. Everyone is welcome, and we encourage you to register early.

Oh, and there is one additional point of confusion that we would like to address. Yes, we want you to bring shoes. But we hope you will leave them behind. Here’s how that works: We are collecting shoes for donation to One World Running, a non-profit organization that helps barefoot runners around the world get access to the shoes they need. So if you want to leave your shoes, and/or if you want to bring some additional, spare shoes for donation, we would appreciate it! We will demonstrate our appreciation by giving you a free pair of flip flops for your trip home.