Our 'Journey Home' Includes $5,000 Toward Closing Costs

That perfect home you wanted, the one priced just barely out of your reach, could become a legitimate prospect for your and your family this month.

As part of Barefoot Lakes’ one-time event called “Journey Home,” three homebuilders (including Brookfield Residential) are offering $5,000 toward your closing costs when you use the builder’s preferred lender. That’s right -- $5,000 essentially goes BACK into your pocket; and no, this is not one of those deals where the seller raises the price in order to cover the discount. Check the historic prices, and you’ll see that this is a true bargain.

But the opportunity is limited. It begins the same time as the Journey Home event at Barefoot Lakes, where all three builders will offer free food, drinks, and a party atmosphere, April 21 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. If you sign a contract that day, or any day through May 31, you’ll reserve the rights to that $5,000 at closing. The other builders participating in “Journey Home” are CalAtlantic Homes and Richmond American Homes.  

While you are at the event April 21, enter to win a number of giveaways. We’ll see you there!