No. 1 priority: ‘Great customer experience’

You might say Bill Gleeson has sold a few homes over the years in the Denver area. More precisely, he has participated in more than 1,500 new-home builds! Customers, business partners and everybody here at Brookfield Residential love working with him, because he makes everything so easy, and he because he takes such pride in his role as the main conduit between a homebuyer and their new home.

Just listen to homebuyers Nestor and Meghan Vargas: “When we first met Bill, we made an instant connection. He was very open and honest about the ‘build’ process. He also made us laugh which helped keep us excited. Bill kept us updated throughout the entire process of building our new home. He set realistic expectations and timelines; and for that we truly appreciated him!”

He started his real estate sales career in 1986, long before Brookfield Residential had a presence in Colorado; so those 1,500 new homes didn’t all come during his time with us. But we certainly expect him to be with us on the day that he doubles that mark.

Bill describes new-home sales as a noble profession, and he is humbled by the opportunity to facilitate what is the largest purchase of a person’s life. He takes pride in his customer service skills, and in keeping the transaction smooth and as worry-free as possible. Also of great importance to Bill: ability to listen to his customer and respond with complete honesty. He says his No. 1 priority is a “great customer experience.”

He is originally from New York where he attended college at SUNY Albany. He has two children ages 16 and 14. To reach Bill, call 303-619-7658.