Nature in abundance at Barefoot Lakes

In the opinion of most home-buyers, one of the big attractions at Barefoot Lakes is the community’s connection with nature. And now the appeal has gotten even stronger. Brookfield Residential recently stocked the waters with 3,840 young fish of varying species, to ensure the continuation of a healthy ecosystem in the area.

The types of fish include fathead minnows, carp, black crappie, bluegill and striped bass. As the fish mature (and it could take a while!), they will serve multiple purposes, including control of submersed vegetation and control of the “rough” fish such as carp. A male striped bass takes about two or three years to mature; and a female doesn’t reach spawning age until about five or six years.

Soon, Barefoot Lakes residents will have hours of pleasure sitting on the water’s edge at dusk and watching the fish surface for food.