Maximizing Design Talents at Brookfield

When a homebuilding company has access to as many great architects as we do at Brookfield Residential, it seems natural to use them as often as possible. And in the greatest abundance!

That’s why we do something that is considered quite unusual in the industry. We assign multiple architects from multiple companies to conspire on the design of a single portfolio of homes. And it works!

You might imagine that we would end up with some serious clashes of egos and ideas, but that’s not the case. Instead, we end up with a home that reduces the hassles of home ownership – a home that is more maintenance-free. And the architects seem to enjoy the unorthodox process. It raises the creative bar, and it puts an intense focus on making the home more livable, with better ergonomics

An example of a way in which the multiple-architect strategy has shown success: During the planning phase for the Signature portfolio in the “Midtown at Clear Creek” neighborhood (67th Avenue and Pecos Street), architectural firm DTJ Design of Boulder suggested that we include some floorplans with the kitchens at the “front” of the house. The somewhat novel suggestion allowed Brookfield to move the living area deeper into the middle of the main floor, giving it an additional layer of privacy and insulation from the street. Also, we thought some parents might like to look out the window and watch their children playing in the front yard while the parent prepared meals or cleaned up.

To see examples of how these architectural firms have collaborated, click here and schedule a tour at any of Brookfield communities.