Lots of Character at Sterling Ranch

We call them “lots” in the real estate business; but when you only have 67 of them, and when each one offers a unique perspective on livability, the number never seems adequate. In any case, what you need to know is that we DO have new lots available at Sterling Ranch in south Littleton, and you won’t find anything else exactly like ‘em.

First, if you like to concept of “walkability,” this is the place to live. They are the lots that will be closest to the Sterling Ranch retail/commercial section. Walkability means you don’t need to climb into your car every other hour throughout the day to run your errands. It’s a healthy lifestyle that has gained increasing popularity in recent years.

Second, if you build your home on one of these lots, your garage will be “alley-loaded,” which means when you look out your front window at the other homes on the same kinds of lots, you will gaze upon a rich street-scene that makes you feel like more of a part of the community.

Finally, because of the layout, these lots will require minimal yard-work. Some people enjoy mowing the lawn. If you’re not one of those people, and if you like the concept of strong community ties, these lots will give you lots of satisfaction.