Design Experts Track the Latest Styles

At Brookfield Residential’s Design Studio, our experts stay on top of Colorado’s decorating trends so you don’t have to. Ginnie Richards and Diedre Buchanan are the professionals at Brookfield’s Studio, 1001 S. Gaylord St. in Denver, and they’ll offer a combined 40 years of experience to guide you in your new-home decorating decisions.

They are especially eager to share their thoughts about the hottest new products in floor/wall coverings and countertops. The most popular choice in carpet, for instance, is a tight, dense, short-pile textured material (extra durable) with linear patterns. Those patterns are generally subtle, color-on-color stripes, and the manufacturers include Shaw and Masland Carpet Mills. Prices of these carpets are in the mid-to-upper end.

The fashionable tiles are geometric shapes with some dimensional (non-flat) characteristics. Ginnie says she sees a lot of triangular tiles with beveled edges going into Brookfield homes.

And the latest thing in countertops is a quartz material that has surpassed granite in popularity. Ginnie speculates that homebuyers grew tired of the limited granite colors, and the quartz doesn’t look as “busy.” Bonus: the quartz resembles Carrera marble, but with greater durability.

You can schedule an appointment to talk to Ginnie or Diedre by calling 303-790-6300; or plan to drop in during one of the Thursday afternoon open house events (1-7 p.m.).