Catering to canines at new Midtown park

For all those Midtown residents who naturally love their dogs, they are especially going to love the natural dog park that came online in their Denver community recently.

The 25,000 square feet of space at W. 67th Drive and Zuni Street, features natural boulders, native landscaping, sandstone benches and other subtle touches that help the park blend into the habitat. Dog owners can sit in shaded shelters to watch their “best friends” jump on the boulders, romp through natural grasses and stop for a drink at one of the two dog fountains. It’s a back-to-nature experience just outside your front door that is uncommon in a community so close to downtown Denver.

The dog park is divided into two areas: one for small dogs that is nearly 8,000 square feet, and another for large dogs that is 17,500 square feet. The sandstone slabs for seating are 2 feet by 6 feet – plenty of room to recover from the exertion of watching your dog’s non-stop activity.

The dog park also features four picnic tables in the common area between the two dog parks, plus bicycle racks and trash receptacles. The amenities are designed to encourage dog owners to extend their visits and make this a true “destination” spot.