Buyers prefer Brookfield - At least 197 last year!

Every year about this time, we give ourselves a chance to look back at everything we accomplished within the calendar year on behalf of the home-buying public. It seems we done good!

By the end of 2018, we had closed on 197 homes in our five communities: Barefoot Lakes, Brighton Crossings, Midtown at Clear Creek, Solterra and Sterling Ranch. Is that a lot? Yes, we think so. It means that a new family moved into a new Brookfield Residential home every 1.8 days (on average). So if we went an entire Wednesday without handing over the keys to a home, we probably did one the next day.

We honestly had our sights set even higher, but the reality of the national (and local) real estate market became a challenge (the entire metro Denver area recorded a 3.6 percent decline in single-family home sales in 2018, in comparison with the previous year). But our vision remains fixed on long-term growth. When you include our sales in neighboring Kansas, we had a two-year growth rate of 20 percent. We can’t wait to see the numbers this time next year and the year after.