These Homes Ask The Quintessential Question: How Do You Live?

Your current priorities and future dreams are key considerations as you select your next residence. The Brighton Crossing Portfolio offers distinctive home designs, abundant choices, and a higher level of livability.

New Homes With Personality and Promise

New Homes With Personality and Promise.

Life is richer when home is welcoming. From a colorful front door, to warm gathering spaces, these residences extend the invitation to come in, relax and connect. Each residence was created with you in mind: you select the style, the finishes, the layout, the landscaping. So it’s truly yours. From the start.

A Fresh Take On An Architectural Classic.

A Fresh Take On An Architectural Classic.

The Urban Farmhouse takes the best of the iconic homestead of the 20th Century – the pitch of the roof, the placement of window, the open porch – then fast-forwards the design to this moment. The emphasis is on the authentic, on what lasts.